The Big News – We are keeping the “On The Road With Andrew” Site

The overwhelming choice of names from my readers, fans, and friends was – You guessed it “On The Road With Andrew.
I thank all of you who helped me make this decision and I value your feedback.
I will be using this site as we move forward with new shows and other forms of content.

On The Road With Andrew is moving from public access Television to online. I am sorry to say as of this time we are no longer on public access TV, but we working to get the show back into production.

I am only producing short social video at the moment, but we are working at going back into full production on my full length shows.

I always enjoy a cup of coffee on my day off and I like the old-timey coffee pots. Here is a modern version of the classic camp coffee pot. This is an affiliate link, so if you need a new coffee pot like this one, getting it from here will help me bring entertaining and education programing to the web. If you are using an add blocker you wont be able to see it.

Truck Camping in Death Valley.

Truck Camping In Death Valley
Truck Camping In Death Valley

Newest Car Show Video
SCORE Class 1 Buggy and Paradise Road Ford Custom Rod Riguez Car by Junichi Shimodaira

New Media Video
I have decided to rebuild this site and to continue using it as the main site for our videos and blogs. I plan on having the old cable shows on this site as well. In addition to the old video shows I will also include new formats and subjects as we move forward. I am also working on a community outreach Business Directory to complement the new and improved On The Road With Andrew site.

It looks like I am going to need to do a new video announcing that we are keeping the old site name.

You know I love marketing and now have a new media site too. (NewMediaMingle.com) geared toward B2B, video production, marketing, new media and indie film meetups, as well as other media industry activities and events.

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We are now in the process of rebuilding this site there was a problem with the database and data during the move. I will add some of the old posts, but I plan on basically starting this site over.

I am going to change the look. I like this theme but it is not the best for our future pans. make sure to sign up for the news letter. We will be having get togethers soon and I also plan on doing some giveaways too.

You can follow me at
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You can also wire me by dialing 562-423-1691

In The Studio And In Front Of The Camera

Andrew In Front Of The Camera
Andrew In Front Of The Camera

Me Behind The Camera

Andrew In The Studio, Behind The Camera
Andrew In The Studio, Behind The Camera

On The Road and On Location
On The Road In Orange County Sharing Information About Pet dogs

On The Road and On Location In Orange County Sharing information about Pets and dogs
On The Road and On Location In Orange County Sharing information about Pets and dogs


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